Atari Games stopped making arcade games in 2000. All support for the arcade products has ended. The entire Atari facility was closed, and the building was cleared out. Atari Games no longer exists. Their intellectual propery was puchased by Midway Games. Midway no longer makes or supports arcade games either. There are several places, where you can still get help with your Atari arcade game or pinball machine.

The first place to start, is to look in our
Support Forums. Post a question, and other Atari Fans will answer your questions.

Secondly, you should seach Google's newsgroups for the newsgroup. Chances are that someone there has had the same problem over the past ten plus years.

If you have a newer Atari arcade game (1996-2000), you can contact for limited support and some parts.

If you have an Atari pinball machine, you should search Google's newsgroups for the newsgroup. You can also try for help.