Supporting Members

Donations to help preserve the collection:

Some people have suggested that I add a donation link to the website, due to my complaints about costs. Just so everyone understands, it costs $1000 per month to warehouse all of the items in the collection. In addition, the cost of bandwidth for the website is also high. In order to limit expenses, I have been forced to scale back the amount of new content I can add to the site. A small donation will enable me to keep adding new content, without having to remove content.

For donations of $25 or more, I will offer access to the Member Exclusive content page. I will try and add new content at the same time that non-member content is added.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you donate, I will not be able to release things like source code, for which I do not own distribution rights. Your
donations will go towards storage expenses and bandwidth.

I will also maintain a list of people who have donated, here on the website.

Thanks, Scott


Douglas Sifter
Gregory Champeaux
Andy Welburn
Keith Galocy
William White
Aaron Hightower
Sean Tammaro
Marcel Gonzalez
Alex Yeckley
Issac Walker
Steven Prendergast
James Marous
Derek Litton
James Hagen
Hamish Douglas
Archer Maclean
David Haynes
Brian Lucas
Tom McClintock
Robert Langelius
Brian Deuel
John St.Clair
Stephen Beall
Joe Magiera
Owen Rubin
Anthony Temple
Arthur Peale
Clay Cowgill
Dave Neuman
Philip Zimmerman
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Douglas Sifter
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